The Greta Garbo Society of Sweden, a non-profit organization.

Members have free access to the Greta Garbo museum and receive a membership card, 5 postcards and copies of the Society’s newsletters in Swedish.

The Greta Garbo Society of Sweden was founded in February 2001. Its mission is to serve as a forum for fans of the renowned actress and to promote and develop the Garbo Exhibition in Hogsby, Sweden.

The Garbo museum is located in the town of Hogsby, in the Smaland Province, a beautiful section of Sweden close to the Baltic, a 90 minute drive from Kalmar City near the Island of Oland and about the same distance from the famous glass works of Kosta and Orrefors.

The museum contains many of Garbo’s 27 movies and a large collection of memorabilia. The movies can be watched while visiting the museum.

Few other Swedish “exports” to the U.S. has reached the level of recognition as Greta Garbo.

The mystique of her life still fascinates people now more than 60 years since her last movie filmed in 1942 when she was 37. Her last public appearance was at the White House in 1963 as a guest of President John F. Kennedy. Greta Garbo resided on the fashionable upper East Side in Manhattan, NY, until her death on April 15, 1990. Her closest surviving kin are the children of her brother’s daughter. Two of them visited the exhibition in March 2004.

In 2005, there was a special celebrations in New York City, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Hogsby to mark the 100th anniversary of Greta Garbo’s birth on September 18, 1905. She was born in Stockholm where she studied at the Royal Dramatic Theater after public high school. Near the Sodermalm section of Stockholm where she grew up, there is a small park dedicated to her memory. Her gravesite is located just a few miles south of Stockholm in the Skogskyrkogarden Cemetery.

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