DILL Kalles Kaviar Abba
Herring Tidbits Mustard Sauce Abba
10 lbs. Pearl Sugar
100 lbs. Pearl Sugar
2/Swedish Playing Cards
24 Cactus Lakerol
24 Cassis Black Currant Lakerol
24 Herb-Menthol "Original" Lakerol
24 Menthol-Licorice "Special" Lakerol
24 Raspberry Lemongrass Lakerol
24 Salmiak Lakerol
24 Salvi Lakerol
24 Yuzo Citrus Lakeol
25 lbs. Pearl Sugar
3 lbs. Pearl Sugar
30 Salt Licorice - Dent
4-Pack Fishballs Large Can Husmor
4/Vanilla Sugar Dan Sukker
5 lbs. Pearl Sugar
6/Abba Fishballs LOBSTER SAUCE
6/Anchovy Fillets Abba
6/Blueberry Soup Ekstroms
6/COMBO Kalles (3 Regular/3 DILL) Abba
6/Creamed Salmon (Pate) Abba
6/DILL Kalles Kaviar Abba
6/Fishballs in Bouillon Abba
6/Kalles Kaviar Abba
6/Leksands Crispbread
6/Matjes Herring Tidbits Abba
6/NYAKERS Ginger Snaps
6/Nypon Soppa (Rose Hip Soup) Ekstroms
6/Pancake Mix Lund's
6/Salty Licorice Fish
6/Soft Raspberries
6/Vanilla Sauce Ekstroms
Anchovy Fillets Abba
Assortment Lakerol
Black Currant Hafi
Black Lumpfish Caviar Royal Sweden
Blueberry Hafi
Blueberry Soup Ekstroms
Bottle / Glogg Concentrate - Saturnus
Cactus Lakerol
Caraway / Bond Ost
Cassis Black Currant Lakerol
Cheese Slicer - Stainless Steel
Creamed Salmon (Pate) Abba
Dark Syrup Dan Sukker
Dumle Toffee/Chocolates Fazer
Eucalyptus "Euca" Dent
Farmer Cheese
Fishballs - Large Can Husmor
Fishballs in Bouillon Abba
Fishballs in Lobster Sauce Abba
Goat Cheese (Gjetost) Ski Queen
Gooseberry Hafi
Herb-Menthol "Original" Lakerol
Herring Tidbits Dill Abba
Herring Tidbits Traditional Abba
Hirschhorn-salz Endora
Kalles Kaviar Abba
Kosta Boda Atoll Dish - BLUE
Lars Own Gift Tin Ginger Snaps
Leksands Crispbread
Lingonberry Felix
Lingonberry Hafi
Lite Syrup Dan Sukker
Matjes Herring Abba
Menthol-licorice "Special" Lakerol
NYAKERS Ginger Snaps
Nypon Soppa (Rose Hip Soup) Ekstroms
Pancake Mix Lund's
Plain Bond Ost
Queens Blend Hafi
Rainbow Trout Fillets
Raspberry Lemongrass Lakerol
Salmiak Lakerol
Salt Licorice Dent
Salty Licorice Fish
Salvi Lakerol
Sardines in Vegetable Oil
Scandinavian Honey Lars Own
Soft Raspberries
Vanilla Sauce Ekstroms
Vanilla Sugar Dan Sukker
Yellow Peas Lars Own
Yuzo Citrus Lakerol

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